Morbidiqua (morbidiqua) wrote in nyc_brunch,

I love this place (Brunch)

Yuca Bar NYC...

They have a wonderful Caribbean fusion menu here. My friends and I would also plop on an order of blood orange and salmon ceviche which is absolutely to DIE for. I guess PLOP is a bad word to use... "add" is more appetizing... but plop is nonetheless the word I use here. My favorite dish is the crabcake benedictos!

Pictures directly from their website:

NICE jugs!

Cute Decor.

Overall the Brunch is an incredible deal... you get a coffee or tea and a boozy drink or juice all inclusive for about $13-$14. It's like a little piece heaven.

The wait is not long... it is about average- 15-20 minutes for 2 people and longer for large groups. Towards the beginning and end of brunch 2 people have no wait at all for a table.
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